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Jonice Drielsma

Inspiration from thoughts and feelings

My first love

Preening feathers


My husband Fred always encouraged

and stimulated me to take courses and to develop my skills and techniques.

He was my greatest admirer and motivator.


Alive and kicking

I tried out

When I was around six years old I sat with my father at the dining table. He was showing me how to draw tiny houses with a peaked roof. I was angry, because he could do it so much better than I did.
Son of a preacher with a Dutch Reformed background he imprinted a sense of extreme modesty in me. Don't pretend to be better than anyone else! 

Such a treasured memory.

But ever since that time I secretly wanted to be better than anyone else and to satisfy my curiosity I tried out many new techniques and new materials.
In married life this drive was almost forgotten, suppressed by chores and responsibilities, but encouraged and supported by my husband Fred it has been given a second chance.

He gave me the much needed space to develop my skills.

From thoughts and emotions

to words molded into shapes, small and large

Marble objects


My drive

Among a multitude of artists
I am pushed forward by my drive.




Rob van den Broek: bronze caster and artist
Nico: his assistant in the foundry
Walter Sietinga: fotography
Maarten Koch: fotography



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